Started in 1994 with the CAD and CAM systems supply for the productivity optimization and of cutting systems (as Kuris dealer), it has become one of the Italian leader in the tailoring for the automotive, apparel, furniture, textile, toys and others fields. During these years, in which the economical crisis has affected many sectors, the market has been considered from SEIA more an incentive than a thread. Although the negative trend our company has gained a progressive growth that permitted SEIA to become a leader in the mentioned sectors.

In the last years the market has put us in a “take it or leave it” situation that for SEIA meant a choice: to become a solution provider and a problem solver able to respond quickly to the different requests or to quit. This forced us to change our way of thinking: before we started from the aim of the supply and upon this we wrote the offer; today we start from the effective need and the expected result of the customer and through the mapping of the production processes we look for the best “tailored” solution. Today we are less supplier and more consultant.

Gianni Gallina, owner SEIA





SEIA S.r.l. was founded by Gianni Gallina, who started his business activity in the far 1976 with the first automatic cutting technology. SEIA has always put at the first place the research of new hardware and software solutions with the aim of an optimization and a costs’ reduction in the working production’s process.
Today SEIA offers to the market its know-how, supporting a German product of long history and utmost innovative technology.


KURIS currently offers one of the most comprehensive product programs in the field of spreading and cutting technology, with more than 10,000 installations worldwide. Solutions come from a single source and are characterized by a high quality of engineering and modern control technology. The wide-ranging product program enables individual answers that take full and systematic account of the organizational preconditions and local situation of the customer.





Quality, constituted by experience and created in the course of time. Working with SEIA means having all the competitive advantages of a leader cutting technology started in 1912. A know-how that guarantees bigger productivity and flexibility for any material, no after-sale service contract required; rapidity and competence for “made to measure” production lines solutions. To work with Seia means to make the serenity your best business.


Our company is the authorized and exclusive dealer for Italy of Kuris GmbH, who works in the field of cutting technology for several materials like: textiles, technical materials and leather. During these years of collaboration with Kuris, our relationship has strongly strengthened up thanks to the acquisition of new customers and new sectors: from the apparel and furniture to automotive and toy industries, and many others.