Cookies are small files which are saved on your device and memorise settings and specific data for exchange with our system through your browser.

There are two types of cookies: so-called session cookies which are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary/permanent cookies, which are saved onto your device for a long period or definitively.

This saving of data enables us to create our websites and our offers in accordance with your requirements as well as to facilitate use of the site.
The following table displays cookies used:
• cookies for language recovery;
• cookies used by Google Analytics to identify individual visitors;
• cookies used by Google Analytics to identify sessions and trace visitors’origin;
• cookies used by Google to verify the efficacy of a campaign;
• cookies used by Google Analytics to memorise user activities on pages visited.

In addition to cookies, the site also uses so-called cookies or session cookies, or rather cookies which are not memorised on user computers and which disappear when browsing sessions are closed.
Their use is strictly limited to the transmission of session ID (consisting of random numbers generated by the server), required to access a specific service and for safe and efficient site navigation.
So-called session cookies used in this site avoid use of other IT techniques which could potentially compromise navigation privacy and do not permit the acquisition of personal user ID.

In any case, a certain degree of control over cookies can be implemented in browser settings.
If users do not wish to receive any type of cookie on their device, from the S.E.I.A. S.r.l. site or others, they can change their privacy protection settings on their own browser.

S.E.I.A. S.r.l. would like to remind you, pursuant to article 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree 30th June 2003, n. 196, of the right to request those who use such features to immediately delete all information collected through cookies.