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ALGOTEX TUNE is an advanced model of the SEIA plotters family, with an excellent technology for all the professionals.

TUNE is an advanced model of the new line “PROFESSIONAL”, characterized by refined combination of innovative design and technological solutions.


  • Printing speed: 160 m2/hr;
  • Printing height: 180 e 220 cm;
  • Non-stop plotting (24h) without need of the operator’s assistance, also during night shift;
  • Plug and Play;
  • Winding of paper on superlight aluminum tube with facilitated extraction;
  • Paper reel weighting up to 40 kg, with “woman friendly” front paper upload and automatic block system;
  • Electronic control system of a paper shortcoming with a signaling device;
  • Automatic work interruption in case of “paper-jam”;
  • Possibility to use all kinds of paper: normal, recycled and thermo-adhesive;
  • Tensioning system reducing paper friction;
  • Constant printing speed, not influenced by the density of strokes, forms and dimensions of the pattern, or by number of symbols and annotations of the design;
  • Use-and-through compatible cartridge;
  • Electronic control of the ink level;
  • Double graphic resolution to differentiate the quality of the strokes;
  • The stroke thickness is regulated by the operator.


  • Hardware USB-2 connection, compatible with all existing kinds of CAD systems, HPGL/HPGL2/ISO/AAMA-ASTM/DXF;
  • Self-installing software driver, Log printing chronology.

Technical data

  • Width: 272, 312 cm;
  • Height: 114 cm;
  • Depth: 40,5 cm;
  • Weight: 114, 128 kg;
  • Reduced running noise in accordance with standard classification;
  • 100-280V;
  • 100 Watt;
  • 50/60 Hz;
  • Working temperature: 10° – 40° C.