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Automatic cutter for small sizes, ideal for samples and small or middle-sized items.

Cutting machine with a static cutter for cutting height up to 25 mm high

The SK25 from Kuris Spezialmaschinen offers all advantages of a fully automatic CNC Cutter at a very attractive value for money. Due to the small dimensions of the cutter, the Starter Kit is ideal for small spaces. Sample cuts, small or medium sized series. The Starter Kit from Kuris is a perfect solution, if flexibility, efficiency and accuracy are required at a very convenient price. Based on the established Kuris Technology, this system offers all features, that can also be found in large cutting systems. The Starter Kit cutting height of up to 25 mm afford a wide range of applications. The cutting window with the dimensions 1,60 m x 3,40 m offers enough space for more cutting orders while the table dimensions are still very compact. It can be extended with modules of 2,40 m. The Starter Kit is the perfect system, if easy, fast and economic solutions are required.

Technical data

  • Cutting table: static;
  • Cutting height, max.: 25 mm;
  • Working width: up to 1,60 m;
  • Total width (incl. bridge): 2,50 m;
  • Working length: 3,40 m;
  • Total length: 4,75 m;
  • Cutting speed, max.: 40 m/min;
  • Positioning speed, max.: 70 m/min;
  • Acceleration, max.: 4 m/s2;

Cutting head

  • Knife diameter: 2 x 6 mm;
  • Option: drilling device, drawing device;

Power requirement

  • Operation voltage: 400 V, 50/60 Hz;
  • Controls/ Drive: 2,5 kW;
  • Vacuum -Unit: 7,5 kW;
  • Main power: 10 kW;
  • Fuse: 25 A;
  • Protection class: Class 1;
  • Compressed air (5-6 bar) 10 l/min – 180 l/min (for drilling device);
  • Weight: ca. 1500 kg;
  • Working height: 0,85 m;


  • Noise level: 57 – 74 dB (A);
  • Mark of conformity: CE;


  • Apparel industry;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Aerospace and aviation industry;
  • Furniture industry;
  • Construction industry;
  • Boats building;
  • Railway construction.