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Being simply flexible

For precise cutting of fabrics, knitwear, industrial and composite materials. The well-known bandknife machine of Kuris has a long history. Thanks to our continuous development we are adapting it to changing requirements of the market.

  • Completely automatic safety device, obligatory in EC;
  • Electric knife protection;
  • Electronic speed regulation of the knife from 0-30 m/s with digital speed indicator;
  • Knife speed regulation from 0-30 m/s with control disk;
  • Blowing device with a special ring jet system;
  • Air valves to regulate loading and blowing capacity;
  • Hard metal tipped steal inserts for cutting disk;
  • Neon illumination;
  • Silicon knife damper;
  • Precision roller guide;
  • Knife stripping device;
  • Fast knife blocking facilities;
  • Dust pick-up unit.

Technical data

  • Table dimensions: 2,25 m x 1,50 m;
  • Working height with a precision guide: approx. 250 mm;
  • Distance between knife and machine: approx. 127 mm;
  • Regulated table height: 2250 mm x 1500 mm;
  • Bandknife speed: 16 m/s;
  • Bandknife length: 4920 mm.