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Tubular machine for simple spreading

Special spreading machine for semi and fully automatic spreading of folded or rolled tubular fabric, equipped with expanders and optionally with crease changing device.

Kuris A16 tubular spreading machine

The compact KURIS tubular spreading machine A16 is a special system for semi and fully automatic spreading of tubular fabric. Touch-screen interface is easy to operate. Thanks to a programmable, multi-stage driving profile the system is featuring optimal dynamic driving characteristics. The low construction offers the customer a wide visual field during the spreading process.

The tubular spreading device including special calender rolls has a separate adjustment possibility for the contact pressure on both sides – the roll gap is opened via an eccentric crank. The higher-level microprocessor via the controlled gears regulates a precise synchronization between the fabric pre-feeding and traction. The integrated frequency transformers secure an exact and wrinkle free spreading. With the threading aid the fabric can be set without problems. The motorized lift is integrated to achieve spreading heights up to 230 mm.


  • Big, low and easily accessible platform for folded fabric;
  • 900 mm depth;
  • The fabric-deflector and the expanders for rolled or folded material are adjustable;
  • Torsion-resistant light chassis;
  • All-wheel-drive with PUR-rollers;
  • Operation via touch-screen / Windows basis;
  • Easily operable threading aid;
  • Rotary handle for speed regulation;
  • Operator’s travel-on platform with safety stop.


  • Operator travel-on platform alternatively with bracket support or seat;
  • Unrolling device for rolled tubular fabric;
  • Adjustable expanders in different widths;
  • Crease changing device, lateral installation;
  • Separate crease changing unit for maximum spreading accuracy;
  • The tubular spreading unit is also appropriated for our spreading machine model SHUTTLE.


  • Apparel industry;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Aerospace and aviation industry;
  • Furniture industry;
  • Construction industry;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Railway construction.

Technical data

  • Working widths: 0,93 – 1,08 – 1,23 m;
  • Wide table (others on request): min. 1,10 – 1,25 m;
  • Spreading speed: 1,40 m max – 100 m/min;
  • Spreading height, max.: 230 mm;
  • Roll diameter: max. 600 mm;
  • Roll weight, max.: 80 kg;
  • Electrical connection: 1,5 kW – 230 V – 50/60 Hz;
  • Machine weight: da 300 kg (depending on working width and equipment);
  • Operation: Touch screen with graphic interface.