Automatic spreading and cutting machine, easy to use, for a small-series production of clothes and upholstery.

Automatic Cross cutter is an easy-to-handle spreading and cutting machine for a particular professional use in the apparel and furniture industry and textile workshops.

  • Combined electric and automatic cutting with direct cutting system (without transmission) and increased speed;
  • Double-speed cutting;
  • Taglio pulito, anche con materiali difficili;
  • Cutting process unified with electric regulation of height;
  • Movement control during cutting, electronically regulated according to the width of the material;
  • Electronic counter of layers;
  • Easy raising of driving device due to weight reduction;
  • Quick regulation of the driving device for different lengths of the layers;
  • Height regulation of the cutting unit, accurate and angular;
  • According to the width of the fabric, it is necessary just one operator;
  • Simple operations using keys;
  • Excellent quality of cutting, preventing the material from damages;
  • Manufactured according to VDE and UW standards;
  • Short set-up time;
  • Manual lifting of cutting device;
  • BOM 30 SL and BOM 101 S driven cutting device;
  • Blocking device.

Technical data

  • Fabric’s width: 1,68 – 1,83 – 1,98 m;
  • Standard table width: 1,85 – 2,00 – 2,15 m;
  • Table width with min. request: approx. 1,75 – 1,90 – 2,05 m;
  • Table width max.: 2,40 m;
  • Cutting height: 200 mm;